Frequently asked questions 

Q. Once I begin to access my MLS through My Realtor Dash, will this affect any of my saved searches or contacts?
A. No, your MLS will not change, only the way you access it.

Q. I can’t find my MLS ID, where do I find it?
A. Email the MLS department at or and we can provide it to you.

Q. I have the MLS saved on my iPAD or Android Tablet as a home page icon, how do I add the new My Realtor Dash website?
A. Click here for instructions on how to add to your device.

Q. I have an MLS app on my phone, once I set up a new password for My Realtor Dash, will the password for that app change too?
A. Yes, your My Realtor Dash password will become your new MLS password and you will need to update that password on your MLS app too.

Q. Will my password change for all products?
A. No, all products passwords will stay the same if accessed outside of My Realtor Dash, except for your MLS and the RAPB + GFLR Member Portal. 

Q. Will the password timeout for My Realtor Dash?
A. Yes, the password will time out after 2 hours of inactivity for security reasons. 

Q. Will my password save on the login screen for use each time I login?
A. No, your username will save but your password will not. For security purposes, you will need to retype your password every time you log in to My Realtor Dash so make sure to make it easy for you to remember.

Q. I keep trying my password and it says I’m locked out, what now?
A. You will be locked out of the system for 1 minute after 7 failed attempts. After 1 minute, you can try one more time.  If you still do not know your password you can use the Forgot Password option to reset your password.

Q. Can I customize the system to my preferences?
. Not at this time, however that is coming in the next release!

Q. What if I haven’t set up my SupraWeb, RPR or any of the other products, will I still be able to access via the Dash?
A. Yes. For any products you have not yet signed up for, you will be asked to set up a one-time sign up process to get started. Only the products in the “Resources sections” are part of the dashboard single sign-on feature.  The remaining products are convenient  “quick links” which will require you to login directly into those products outside of the dashboard interface.

Q. If I have feedback on the dashboard design, who can I contact?
Send all feedback to


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